Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thoughts on "Planet Earth"

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Have you all seen the BBS production of "Planet Earth"? If not, you should definitely invest the time to watch it. We have watched the series with our kids and we absolutely loved it for many of the same reasons Tim Challias loved it. Not too long ago, he blogged about 9 things he learned about God from Planet Earth. Here's a sneak peak...

God is...
...a God of variety
...a God of beauty
...a God of detail
...a God of the big picture
...a God of pleasure
...a God of laughter
...a God of His word
...a God of redemption
...a God of adventure.

The whole article is inspiring and well worth reading. We'll watch this series over and over again in the future.

(Click here for more info on Wikipedia & Discovery)


Joshua said...

Hannah and I also love the Planet Earth production. It is quite amazing to see the lengths that men will go to discover all the intricacies of God's design while missing the whole point at the same time. Still, I wish more Christians had a zeal for Christ that matched those men and women's zeal for God's Creation.

John said...


You are right on target with your comment.

I remember taking a micro-bio class at Austin Comm. College and we (the class) were looking through the microscope at the complexity of cells and I was thinking, "God is amazing." At that precise moment, the prof exclaimed in rapturous wonder, "Isn't it amazing what evolution has accomplished!!!"

My friend and I busted out laughing. I think that is why we barely passed that class!

Texana said...

Someday, even micro-bio profs will believe.

You won't believe all the colors God created just to do October in North Carolina.

Nan said...

We LOVE it and watch it over and over. Have you seen The Blue Planet yet? Equally as good... possibly more so. Fabulous!