Friday, August 8, 2008

Beware of Road Rage

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This just in....
A 71-year-old Cincinnati preacher was on his way to church when he allegedly waved a gun at another motorist and cursed at her.

The preacher, Thomas Howell, claims that the woman cut him off. Howell testified in court that he has a gun and permit but denied ever removing the weapon from its holster.

But a judge sided with the woman, who said the preacher threatened to shoot her and called her names as their cars chased each other.
Check out the rest here. And beware!

I laugh at this (in one sense) because I used to lean in this direction--well not to this extent!!! But living for two years in Peru where there are no road rules has cured me of this, methinks!

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Texana said...

You may have been cured of road rage, but I fear your driving may have been eroded by Peruvian "road rules."

I challenge you to "drive like a granny" when you hit the states. Smile! I love you!