Monday, August 11, 2008

Piper on Job in Austin

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John Piper will be in Austin October 17-18 speaking on "Job: When the Righteous Suffer." I think this will be cool for two reasons: (1) John Piper has had a big influence on my thinking. We both have a great admiration for Jonathan Edwards. (2) Hill Country Bible Church is hosting the event and that is the church where I became a Christian.

Here's a description:
The book of Job asks the earnest question we all ask: “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Afflicted with disease, stripped of his wealth, and asked to confess to evil, Job reaches through his cloud of suffering and strains to touch his God.

As we ponder Job's misery, do we also see the threads of God's mercy in it?

We will all face suffering at some point in our lives; it is inescapable. But what makes calamity endurable is not that God shares our shock, but that through every flame of pain and flood of fear, his sovereign goodness sustains us and turns it all for our good.

For you who suffer, for you who will suffer, and for you who walk alongside those who suffer, we invite you to this conference to see and savor the One who suffered in our place, and who promises never to leave or forsake us.
I think we're in. Who's interested in going?

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Joshua said...

I'd like to go, and for two reasons. One, I like listening to John Piper. Two, I might even be able to use his stuff in my dissertation.

Anonymous said...


I think we are both influenced by Piper. I could add CJ Mahaney and a few bloggers/friends too. Also, I hope I can set aside some time also to read more Edwards' too.

Speaking of Piper, I went to see him at A&M's Rudder Auditorium in April 2007. His talk was based on DWYL material.

Enjoy the conference, John!


Nan said...

Can't wait to hear how it was. I love Job. If more Christians would read it I think they'd be more tuned into reality... and to the fact that the Bible is tuned into reality.

Stejahen said...

Hey John, That looks great! I can probably make it. I like the new blog, btw, keep up the good work.