Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mohler on "Remodeling Hell"

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Mohler has an interesting piece reviewing a recent study that suggests belief in Hell in on the decline. Mohler concludes,
No doctrine stands alone. There is no way to modify belief in hell without modifying the Gospel itself, for hell is an essential part of the framework of the Gospel and of the preaching of Jesus. Hell cannot be remodeled without reconstructing the Gospel message.
Read the article here.

Tim Keller has a great, sort article on "Preaching Hell in a Tolerant Age." He has an interesting insight emphasizing the point that the doctrine of Hell is more tolerant than the popular view...
"The universal religion of humankind is: We develop a good record and give it to God, and then he owes us. The gospel is: God develops a good record and gives it to us, then we owe him (Rom. 1:17). In short, to say a good person, not just Christians, can find God is to say good works are enough to find God.

"You can believe that faith in Christ is not necessary or you can believe that we are saved by grace, but you cannot believe in both at once.

"So the apparently inclusive approach is really quite exclusive. It says, 'The good people can find God, and the bad people do not.'

"But what about us moral failures? We are excluded.

"The gospel says, 'The people who know they aren't good can find God, and the people who think they are good do not.'

"Then what about non-Christians, all of whom must, by definition, believe their moral efforts help them reach God? They are excluded.

"So both approaches are exclusive, but the gospel's is the more inclusive exclusivity. It says joyfully, 'It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done. It doesn't matter if you've been at the gates of hell. You can be welcomed and embraced fully and instantly through Christ.' "

And if you are interested, Keller has a very good and sane approach to this difficult doctrine called "The Importance of Hell."

Semper Reformanda.


Kyle said...

I was really struck by this short sentence: "The gospel is: God develops a good record and gives it to us, then we owe him." It sums up a great deal about the nature of salvation and discipleship.

Thanks for the post and the links.

Anonymous said...


Have you heard Piper's address at the Resolved '08 conference? It's entitled "The Echo and Insufficiency of Hell". I think that's the best message/sermon on the subject I've ever heard. (you can find it at his website)

I'll be checking Keller's article too!