Monday, August 18, 2008

The Secularist Bigot

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Britian's Telegraph reports,
The prominent scientist Richard Dawkins has been denounced as a "secularist bigot" by a philosopher who was himself once renowned for being an atheist.

He is accused by Prof Antony Flew of being more interested in promoting his personal views than finding the truth, in the latest controversy over his best-selling book The God Delusion....

Prof Flew, a former Reading University philosophy professor, was known as "the world's most notorious atheist" before he became convinced of the existence of a "divine intelligence" in 2004.
Dawkin's doesn't hide that his agenda is to kill all religion and for his rant against anyone who doesn't believe like he does and embodies the "more-evolved-than-thou" attitude with perfection.

Hence the epithet.

Just sayin'.

Now, for a bit of humor: "From the "D" to the "Doc" to the "PhD"; He's smarter than you, he's got a science degree."

My favorite part is when Darwin is breakin' it down behind Dawkin's.

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