Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ESV Study Bible

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Okay, I don't need another Bible, but I really want this one. The ESV Study Bible is coming out in October, and it simply looks amazing. Check out this 5 minute video intro:
Here's some sample pages....

Check out these samples...

* Intro to the Gospel of Luke
* Intro to Revelation
* Intro to the Psalms
* Intro to Ezekiel
* The Book of Jonah
Click here to read some endorsements, and click here for the ESV Study Bible homepage.


Nan said...

You and Shawn are too much alike in your addictions. iPhones, Apples, and Bibles. Sheesh. He wants a new Bible every time he turns around. I call it Bible lust. I guess being addicted to the Bible can't be too bad of a thing...

I told him we could give the gospel to a small nation with all of our superfluous Bibles! ((sigh))

Anonymous said...


Did you know there is a ESVSB facebook group too?