Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why don't we like the OT?

My favorite OT prof at Reformed Theological Seminary was Dr. Ralph Davis. He has a great article asking, "Why is the OT shut out of the Church?"
...the Old Testament is good bit like Jephthah the Gileadite in Judges 11:1-3. His brothers so much as booted him out of their father's household because of his illegitimate birth. That's the way it is with the Old Testament in much of the contemporary church. The church seems to feel that it's okay if the Old Testaments stays in the land of Tob with Jephthah, but let's not even give it the status of step-testament in the household of faith.
He then examines a handful of reasons why this is the case, including scholarly barrenness, evangelical sloppiness, superficial assumptions, hermenuetical intimidation, & spiritual deficiency.

He concludes: "I simply wonder if a good bit of our 'problem' with the OT might be a heart problem." And of course it is, and our only hope is the Lord Jesus Christ who is the climax of the hope of the OT.

Read the whole article here at Reformation 21.

Dr. Davis' commentaries on the OT historical books are simply to die for. He evidences a pastor's heart & a scholar's mind. Great for devotional reading, further study, or even family reading, your investment will be richly rewarded.


Jamison said...

"...scholarly barrenness, evangelical sloppiness, superficial assumptions, hermenuetical intimidation, & spiritual deficiency."

I am totally guilty of all those things (although I did have to look up the word "hermenuetical"=)

I have prayed to love and understand the OT for years--it was always sunday school stories mixed in with WEIRD stories and lots of names I couldn't pronounce--now I really enjoy it--seeing God's character, loving him because he loves us and always has. It's amazing.
I'll have to look at some of those commentaries...

John said...


Thanks for stopping by and posting your thoughts. Dr. Davis was key in helping me understand and love the OT. His commentaries are really lots of fun b/c his personality and dry sense of humor come through. Tell your hubby that you need one of them for a stocking stuffer!