Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Couple waits until marriage for that first kiss....

From FOXNews:
CHICAGO — Won't kiss on the first date? How about waiting until marriage?

Chicagoans Melody LaLuz, 28, and Claudaniel Fabien, 30, shared their first kiss Saturday at the altar. The two teach abstinence at the city's public schools and practiced what they preached to their teenage students.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the couple had never kissed and that they had never been alone together in a house.

A friend of LaLuz says wedding guests cheered and stomped during the two-minute smooch.

LaLuz and Fabien say they have no worries about how they will spend their honeymoon in the Bahamas.
Two thoughts. Okay three:
1. Why is this news?

2. Two-minute smooch...awesome.

3. I'm glad that they had a true honeymoon. How many don't? Considering #1, I'd bet lots.

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Justin said...

That was seriously news???