Monday, December 8, 2008

Newsweek's Latest Propaganda for Gay Marriage

Al Mohler responds to Newsweek's bald-faced assault on heterosexual marriage & the Bible. His conclusion:
The national news media are collectively embarrassed by the passage of Proposition 8 in California. Gay rights activists are publicly calling on the mainstream media to offer support for gay marriage, arguing that the media let them down in November. It appears that Newsweek intends to do its part to press for same-sex marriage. Many observers believe that the main obstacle to this agenda is a resolute opposition grounded in Christian conviction. Newsweek clearly intends to reduce that opposition.

Newsweek could have offered its readers a careful and balanced review of the crucial issues related to this question. It chose another path -- and published this cover story. The magazine's readers and this controversial issue deserved better.
Read the whole article here.


rich said...

I expect to see a lot more of this in the news shortly

Sean and Stephanie said...

I was at the Galleria waiting for a dinner appointment and saw the NewsWeek paper with that headline. I glanced the article and sure enough it presented only the post liberal interpretations by 'bible scholars' from some pretty crazy seminaries. The article also brushed aside the opinions of the "traditionalists" as passe...oh well. Hopefully not very many Americans get their bible exegesis from Newsweek.

ninepoundhammer said...

The Church surrendered the marriage issue (and several others) fifty years ago.

John said...

@ ninepoundhammer

And she did it without much of a fight.