Friday, October 17, 2008

Washington Post interviews Tim Keller

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Check out this interview with Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Pres, NY, & author of "The Reason for God."

[HT: Between Two Worlds]

If you haven't picked up his book yet, do so and devour it. It's simply good stuff.


Grace B said...

Hey John. I love that you filed this under "I 'heart' Tim Keller." :) I think the book is wonderful and have given it to some of my non-Christian friends and pray that God will use it to open their minds and hearts to the truth of Scripture and the claims of Christianity. I'm also in the midst of listening to his some sermons of his in the car (thanks for the gift Clara Lee), and it's a habit I hope to keep up. It's been a great encouragement to my faith. So, from another friend who 'hearts' Tim Keller, thanks for the post! :)

Courtney said...

Wow, that was really awesome. I enjoyed listening to it, I'll have to try and get the book when I'm in the states over Christmas! I hope all is well with y'all!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this book! Hope I can read it again soon, but with a friend.


Nan said...

What a great little spot. Another hearty recommendation for the book from my corner! Fabulous!

rich said...

Why is it that comfortable unbelievers still find Keller's definition of sin one that is comfortable for them (according to Keller)? I think that its main distinction from the definition Paul gives at the beginning of Romans and the definition our catechisms give is that it is still internal with regard to its reference point (this despite including God (or a god) in the definition). This, rather than a law that is outside of us from a ruler to whom we owe complete obedience. I'm not sure I'm crazy about some aspects of Rev. Keller's ministry. I have a tendency to be distrustful lately b/c of his misleading approach to roles of the sexes.