Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Did you hear? We screwed it up!

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I knew it.

According to this report on the Times Online, human evolution is over.

Human evolution is grinding to a halt because of a shortage of older fathers in the West, according to a leading genetics expert.

Fathers over the age of 35 are more likely to pass on mutations, according to Professor Steve Jones, of University College London.

Speaking today at a UCL lecture entitled “Human evolution is over” Professor Jones will argue that there were three components to evolution – natural selection, mutation and random change. “Quite unexpectedly, we have dropped the human mutation rate because of a change in reproductive patterns,” Professor Jones told The Times.

Well, I was kinda wondering why we haven't seen any anything lately....


Nan said...

LOL Shawn was telling me about this just yesterday... did he get it fresh or from you? Because if he got it fresh and you got it fresh, you guys scare me because you seem connected at the brain stem! LOL

Had to LOL at your last line!

Shawn said...

Calling all mutants. Do your part for the race!!

Anonymous said...

Reading this makes me bring Rom 1:18 to mind...