Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Peru Mission's New Logo

Hey Folks,

Check out the new Logo from Peru Mission, the coolest mission work in the world, IMHO.

Say the Bradfords,
We are so excited to unveil our new logo! This is the culmination of many months of thinking through and praying about what would represent who we are and what we are seeking to do in Peru. The logo’s geometrical shapes and colors reflect consistent patterns in Peruvian art, thus capturing our desire to present an authentic witness within Peruvian culture. The cross, set off by white and occupying center-stage within the other shapes, expresses our commitment to the centrality of the Gospel in all our interconnected ministries and our conviction that only the Gospel can truly transform culture.
And the Smith's say,
We are excited to share with you our new Peru Mission logo! After much thought and prayer, we believe this new logo better reflects our Peruvian context and our Christ centered emphasis as we minister the Gospel.


Bradfords in Peru said...

Thanks for the good press, John! What do the Fergies think of the new logo? We sure miss y'all down here - we're praying for y'all!

John said...

We love it and think it captures perfectly so much of what the mission is about, much better than the bell tower.

Great work!