Monday, October 27, 2008

Remembering Knox

Today we remembered & celebrated the life of Knox Anderson, the son of our dear friends, Jon & Rachel. At the park today with some friends, we released some balloons in rememberance of him.

My friend, Joshua, wrote this poem.
Wonders wander through our minds,
As we think of where you are;
Do you think of us often?
In our thoughts, you’re never far.

Do you talk and sing with Jesus?
What do you learn every day?
We wish that you could speak with us,
And walk with us along the way.

Are you watching us from heaven?
Do you see how much we’ve grown?
We think of you every single day,
We wish that we too were home.

Today we celebrate your birth,
With others who love you too,
So many love both you and us,
Some you never even knew.

To know that you’ve been gone,
As long as you were here,
Is hard for us to comprehend,
Even harder this time of year.

We know that you are joyful,
And that brings joy to us too,
We know the love of Jesus,
Is the greatest love for you.

But still the days are hard,
While we stay here and wait
For the day we’ll be together,
Safe beyond Zion’s gate.

We pray the Lord will keep us,
As He keeps you even now,
In His love and watch-care,
In His true and solemn vow.

His love has never failed us,
And it will not cease to be,
Unto you and unto us,
The eyes by which we see.
Check out Joshua's blog here.

Update: Check out my wife's blog about the balloon release.

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