Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Purple City

Purple City, originally uploaded by Vincent T Joachim.

As many of you know, we'll be moving to Calgary next year. In the mean time, I have been surfing flickr.com in my spare time (usually after the young ones are in bed) looking for some great photos of the place. Here's an absolutely gorgeous one. Looks cold! [You can see more of photos by this photographer by checking out http://www.vtj.ca.]

I'll be posting cool photos for our friends and family from time to time so you can get a feel for what its like before you come visit us there!


nerdypastor said...

Pretty, eh? Very crisp. That's what -40 with windchill looks like.

People are also purple too!

Glad you're coming and the lights are green on the administrative side. WE'll pray for green on the financial side too. We'll announce the timeline on Sunday so people know where we're at in the flow of things.

Love ya guys.

nancypants said...

Wow. That's awesome.

I wish I could take pictures like that... but you wouldn't catch me dead (correction... that's the only way you'd catch me) taking long exposure pictures like this in the dead of winter! LOL

Texana said...

And y'all thought the 59 degree winters in Peru were bad.

They say that once you go numb, you don't even feel the cold. :)


nancypants said...

"They" are wrong! LOL ;^P