Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When Demand for the Scriptures Outstrips Supply

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Here's an interesting report about the demand for Bibles....
The Bible Society has reported a growing demand for copies of the Bible in China where an estimated 500,000 people converted to Christianity in 2009 alone.

Although some four million Bibles were printed and distributed across China last year, the rapid growth of the church year on year means that demand for Bibles is now outstripping supply, according to the Bible Society.
Would that this were the case around the world, that the church was growing so fast that demand for Bibles was outstretching supply.  Alas, one day....

 I remember Richard Pratt at an RUF training event stating that he believed the next 'center' of Christianity was going to be China.  He may very well be right. 


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