Monday, March 15, 2010

Am I Sick If I Like Stuff Like This?

Is morality relative?  Well, let's test out that little theory, shall we?  

Brian Godawa, author of Hollywood Worldviews, is working on a new film called "Cruel Logic."  In it, Albert Fish, a brilliant university professor, kidnaps distinguished professors to have a little debate with them.  Specifically he challenges professsor as to their theories of morality.  This time, he captures a professor of socio-biology who insists that we are biologically determined beings. IOW, our behavior is determined by our genes. There is no such thing as right or wrong.  Just behavior. 

No absolutes.  No guilt.  No remorse. 

The question is, can the good professor live with his beliefs.  "Have you really ever lived out your theory, or are you content writing your papers inside your ivory tower torturing your captive audience of students with your intellectual posturing?"

Fish's offer:  “Give me one valid reason why I should not kill you, and I will let you go.”

WARNING:  This would be classified under the horror genre.  Video is not appropriate for kids. 

Friedrich "God is dead" Nietzsche would be proud. He'd say, "Now--at last--we starting to really debate the issues."

[DISCLAIMER: It should go without saying, but as a Christian I would disavow violence. That's b/c my worldview informs my morality. I'm just thankful that most people who embrace biological determinism, atheism, relativism, etc., don't live according to their worldview, but continually borrow capital from Christianity even as they are working hard to suppress it. But what happens when society buys into this teaching hook, line, & sinker?]

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