Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Madness

Okay, this is how it's going down...

Jason's picks: to enlarge

Jason's Elite Eight
Kentucky, Marquette, Texas A&M (whoop!), Villanova, Kansas, Georgetown, Syracuse, & Kansas St.

Jason's Final Four:
Kansas, Kansas State, Villanova, Kentucky

Jason's Championship Game:
Kansas vs. Kentucky

Jason's National Champion:  

My picks:   click to enlarge

My Elite Eight:
Kentucky, West Virginia, Duke, Baylor, Kansas, Georgetown, Syracuse, & K-State

My Final Four:
Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, Duke

My Championship Game:
Kansas vs. Duke

My National Champion:

Let the games begin!!!


rich said...

My elite eight is like yours, except that I have Pitt and Gonzaga instead of K State and Syracuse. My final 4 is the same as your except that I have Pitt instead of Syracuse.

rich said...

One other difference in my Elite Eight is Villanova over Baylor.

John said...

@ Rich, thanks for stopping by and letting us know your picks. Day 1 is off to a crazy start!!!

John said...

Yup, day 1 blew up a lot of brackets. At least you and Jason put your picks out there for everyone to see.

On to day 2!