Friday, August 21, 2009

A Shout-Out to Joshua the Poet

My friend, Joshua, can wax eloquently when writing poetry. His topics cover the wide range of life-lived-as-a-Christian. But I especially love seeing through his eyes, and the camaraderie that can be experienced through similar life experiences. Some are serious, some are heartbreaking, some are just plain fun.

Like this one. Check it out....
Why sleep when I can read?
Insomnia wrapped in gilded leaves,
Silent, but for the sounding swish,
As I deliciously turn and wish:
The story would never end,
The sun would never ascend,
My will would never bend—
To feeble needs of a body.

Why slumber whilst literacy,
Calls upon my eyes to see,
To spy a thought within the thought,
Follow an “is,” and discern an “ought:”
Why ought I to cease,
Why ought I be released,
When piece after piece after piece—
Of love and learning mingle?

Why doze when I can dream,
In far off forest and stream,
Worlds within worlds collide,
Stories within stories coincide:
Experiences out of flesh,
Experiences, weaving, mesh,
Why must I experience less—
By giving into darkness?

Be sure to check out his blog for others.

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