Monday, August 31, 2009

It's All About Socializ...uh...uh....ummm

Liberal Democrat Maxine Waters lets her true colors show. But why does she catch herself? The reaction of others at the hearing behind Waters is worth its weight in gold!

Ummm...I guess the Constitution is irrelevant.


martha said...

Wow. That's actually kind of scary. Hopefully her constituents have the good sense to vote her out of office next time.

Dave said...

Meh... that's just a politician's idle words.

If you want to hear judges ruling that constitutions - American, Canadian, etc. - are irrelevant, you really need to turn to the kangaroo courts covering family law.

Perhaps I should pass this book off to you at church some Sunday.

John said...


I wish these were just idle words. I find it curious why she tried to cover it up, and then explicitly spelled out what she means by 'socialism': Gov't takeover of business.

Btw, I'd love to skim that book. Bring it.

The nuclear family is the enemy of the totalitarian state. It has to be.