Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Attn: College Football Fans

Here is an attempt by one writer to suggest that b/c the Arizona Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl via a playoff system, that's proof positive why the NCAA should not have one.
Each year, when fans, broadcasters and columnists engage in their annual hand-wringing over the lack of a college football playoff, the lords of the BCS defend their divisive system by noting a playoff would deflate the sport's uniquely gripping regular season. Playoff proponents never want to hear it.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the living embodiment of a devalued regular season: The Arizona Cardinals.
You can read his full argument here.

Basically, he argument boils down to the fact that the BCS system keeps mediocre teams out.

Where's the flaw in his argument?

Basically, his argument would have merit if 16-0 mediocre teams made it to the Super Bowl. With the NFL system, you never have undefeated teams who don't make it to the final game. Almost every year in the NCAA, you do. Just ask Utah who went undefeated and who soundly beat former #1 Alabama who when they played Florida (who went on to win the National Championship), led them for most of the game until the end.

'Nuff said. The college football playoff system is the only logical option.

That's one thing I agree with the President on. That and we both love Macs.

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