Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Are there any Real Christians around?


According to this report based on the Barna Group findings, 1 in 3 "Christians" said that Jesus was a sinner.
Half of Americans who call themselves "Christian" don't believe Satan exists and fully one-third are confident that Jesus sinned while on Earth, according to a new Barna Group poll.

Another 40 percent say they do not have a responsibility to share their Christian faith with others, and 25 percent "dismiss the idea that the Bible is accurate in all of the principles it teaches," the organization reports.
This tells me, (1) that Christianity is 'bout dead in the States; (2) too many churches are focused on all the wrong things; & (3) American Christianity is really just syncretism--a buffet of beliefs.

Lord have mercy.

Read the report here.


Joshua Butcher said...

Better to have a Jesus who is "cool, like us" than a Jesus who is the Lord God Almighty.

Courtney said...

That explains why missionaries are needed in the U.S. just as they are in South America.

Anonymous said...

For Peru, it'd be like this: 1) Christianity is for many largely a cultural thing, 2) too many churches (beginning with the RCC) are focused on the wrong and even dead wrong things, 3) Peruvian Christianity for the large part is really syncretism (RCC beliefs + pagan andean religion, prosperity gospel, etc). Should we take a poll down here too?


John said...

@ Francisco: I think you are spot on with your analysis of Peru.

Nan said...

Ditto that Courtney! Yet many believe it's actually wrong to put money into local missions rather than foreign missions... it boggles the mind.