Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snowflakes evidence of Intelligent Design?

After having temps above freezing this last week melting much of the snow that had accumulated so far this winter, it started falling from the sky this afternoon.   I love the beauty of falling snow.   But what you can't see with the naked eye can be photographed with high power equipment.   Check this out...

Paul Burwell,
Evidence of intelligent design, or random chances processes at work in a meaningless universe?  

How do you account for the symmetry & beauty?  

Art in nature points to the nature of the Artist.  

Check out more photos online at the Calgary Herald.

Paul Burwell,


Joshua Butcher said...

Cosmology has often struck me as the epitome of Paul's argument in Romans 1 about those who are worshipping creation over and above the Creator. The basic assumption controls the system of thought that follows, and when you cannot accept Creator God, you can only marvel at the marvelous, but ultimately irrational, nature of the cosmos. Truly a sad result.

John said...

Well said, Joshua. We all have a cosmology, and if we give ultimacy to the physical universe, then we fall into the idolatry that Paul so eloquently describes in Rom. 1.

Beyond that, if matter is all there is, there is no way to account for the beauty in nature, nor our ability to process it. It's simply stimuli hitting the synapses produces electrical impulses.

But that can hardly be described as beauty.