Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sickness unto death...Britain's worst hour?

Interesting article on the decline of Britain.
Something is rotten in Britain. Young men are stabbing each other to death at an unprecedented rate, the centres of many towns are no-go areas on weekends as drunks spill out of bars and terrorize passersby, and Britons are obsessed with celebrities such as Jade Goody, whose funeral last weekend led to scenes reminiscent of the death of Princess Diana....

And the conclusion of the article:
With such a dramatic confluence of ills, Mr. Mellamphy, an expert in British culture, says it is difficult to envision how British society may begin to right itself.

"There's certainly a need for some kind of a movement [toward] integration rather than resentment," he said. "How exactly they're going to do that, morally and politically, I can't guess."

I know the answer. It starts with "Re" continues with "pen" and ends with "tance."

Only the Gospel can heal. But does Britain want it?

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