Saturday, April 18, 2009

Game Day at Kyle Field

I took the kids out to the Maroon & White game after all the severe weather passed through Aggieland. Here's a pic of the kids with the new yell leaders.

My thoughts...

1) That was the most boring Maroon & White game ever. First of all, it wasn't even a game. A 'scrimmage' would be a stretch. The coaches came up with some sort of convoluted scoring system that no fan could understand or keep up with. Why not put real points on the board instead of awarding points for 'pressure on the QB' or 'a play that gained more than 5 yards.' With this system, there were 2 teams: offense & defense. Final score: 115-101. I should mention this was the M&W football game, not basketball. I know, I know, this is to aid the coaches' evaluation, but from a fan's perspective, it was a complete dud. Didn't look like the players were all that into it either.

2) In my opinion, the QB ranking should be Wood, Dorman, then Johnson. Especially for the first half. Jeff Fuller made some great catches that (in the second half) helped Johnson look much better than he played [and I'm a fan of Johnson]. There was something like 4 interceptions by halftime.

3) Jeff Fuller is a stud making some outstanding catches (he is today's highlight reel) & Cyrus Gray had a few good runs including one 22 yard TD.

4) Good news: Aggies won. Bad news: Aggies lost.

5) Final thought: it's going to be a long season. Nothing inspiring to make us think that this year will be any different than the last few (please, Ags, prove me wrong, I'm begging you). The defense did look good, but the offensive line still can't block (which *might* account for why Johnson didn't look all that great--it's hard to when you are running for your life as soon as the ball is snapped).

Other final thought: for crying out loud, Sherman, make the M&W game resemble some sort of a game, or else you will have 3 fans out for the next M&W game.

Okay, I feel better now.


Sean and Stephanie said...

Lets hope the boring scrimmage nature of the game that is more practice like than game like serves a purpose.

One thing to remember is that at least 3 of the probable starters on the OLINE didn't play today because of recent surgeries/nagging injuries.

Mary Katherine said...

Two thoughts, first, wow your kids have grown!
Second, I still remember the days of "please give the other team the ball so our defense can intercept and score." I hope it's not that bad again.