Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time to rethink bigotry, folks.

Listening to the media, you'd think only Christians are small minded bigots (certainly there are too many of them), but this video should correct that misconception. Here is an angry mob of folks supporting gay marriage rights attacking a GRANDMOTHER who has the audacity to speak out for what she believes is right (in America!!!).

Screaming at a grandma, tearing a cross from her hands and stomping on it? I know that by our politically correct definitions that certain groups are exempt from hate speech, but this should cause us to rethink those categories.

BTW, she gets my "Hero of the Year" award for standing in the face of such bigotry and bigots. This should go without saying, but they should be deeply ashamed. But I doubt they are bothered by it.

Click here for the report.

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