Monday, November 17, 2008

The Battle to End all Abortion Wars

According to Denise M. Burke, AUL Vice President of Legal Affairs,In elevating abortion to a fundamental right, FOCA poses an undeniable and irreparable danger to common-sense laws supported by a majority of Americans. Among the more than 550 federal and state laws that FOCA would nullify are:
*Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003
*Hyde Amendment (restricting taxpayer funding of abortions)
*Restrictions on abortions performed at military hospitals
*Restrictions on insurance coverage for abortion for federal employees
*Informed consent laws
*Waiting periods
*Parental consent and notification laws
*Health and safety regulations for abortion clinics
*Requirements that licensed physicians perform abortions
*“Delayed enforcement” laws (banning abortion when Roe v. Wade is overturned and/or the authority to restrict abortion is returned to the states)
*Bans on partial-birth abortion
*Bans on abortion after viability. FOCA’s apparent attempt to limit post-viability abortions is illusory. Under FOCA, post-viability abortions are expressly permitted to protect the woman’s “health.” Within the context of abortion, “health” has been interpreted so broadly that FOCA would not actually proscribe any abortion before or after viability.
*Limits on public funding for elective abortions (thus, making American taxpayers fund a procedure that many find morally objectionable)
*Limits on the use of public facilities (such has public hospitals and medical schools at state universities) for abortions
*State and federal legal protections for individual healthcare providers who decline to participate in abortions
*Legal protections for Catholic and other religiously-affiliated hospitals who, while providing care to millions of poor and uninsured Americans, refuse to allow abortions within their facilities
On the Fight FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) site, you can sign a petition and gather more info about Obama's campaign promise to sign this into law as his very first act as president. Add your name. My name on the petition is #175,769. Click here to sign the petition. My Christian friends who voted Obama into office, whatever other reasons led you to support him, you have a double obligation to oppose him on this issue.

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rich said...

One quick thought for now: Pastors need to not get tired of this fight. Are we not the church militant? If we are, then this "culture war" should not be over. Our offensive weapon is prayer: therefore, we need the imprecatory psalms.