Monday, September 1, 2008

Discipling Children

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Over at the Reformation 21 Blog, pastor Rick Phillips gives some great advice for "Discipling Christian Children". He sums it up as Read-Pray-Work-Play.
First, parents (especially fathers) must read God's Word to and with their children. Countless Christians raised in strong believing homes will remember the influence of their father's fervent and faithful ministry of reading.... And of course, our children need to see our own devotion to God's Word lived out in the home, experiencing first-hand from us the righteousness, peace, ajoy that comes from the gospel.

Second, parents must pray for and with their children. How it warms a child's heart to know that his or her parents are fervently praying on his behalf. Parents should have regular times of prayer with the children and should frequently pray individually with their children.

Third, parents should work with their children....Shared work builds relationships. Work in the kitchen, work in the yard, work painting walls or repairing furniture. Children love to work alongside their parents, and the process of growth and shared experience forges a strong bond.

Fourth, parents should play with their children. This involves our participation in their play and our invitation for them to join in our play.
Good article well worth reading.

Lord, have mercy.


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