Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ehrman: chasing the ghosts of his evangelical past...

Michael Kruger of Reformed Theological Seminary has a good review of Bart Erhman's latest book:  Forged:  Writing in the Name of God.   Kruger concludes, 
In the final analysis, Forged is a book with a mix of positives and negatives. Ehrman’s helpful overview of the various kinds of early Christian forgeries and his excellent treatment of early Christian views of pseudepigraphy are bright spots in this volume. However, Ehrman’s level of confidence that the NT definitely contains forgeries is not commensurate with the arguments he puts forth to prove that thesis. In this regard, he regularly goes beyond what the evidence can sustain. For this reason the book, like many of his others, comes across as more autobiographical than academic; more polemical than historical. Ehrman still seems to be chasing the ghosts of his evangelical past. One wonders how many more books he will need to write before they go away.
My guess is, as long as he keeps making money from folks who are eager to listen to only one side of the debate.   

Read the full review here.

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