Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How prone is the heart to call this into question...

Memorable words from Jedi-master, Jonathan Edwards,
“There is no one thing whatsoever more plain and manifest, and more demonstrable, than the being of God. It is manifest in ourselves, in our bodies and souls, and in everything about us wherever we turn our eye, whether to heaven, or to earth, the air, or the seas. And yet how prone is the heart of man to call this into question! So inclined is the heart of man to blindness and delusion, that it is prone to even atheism itself.”
From Man's Natural Blindness in Religion
Qtd in James Spiegel's The Making of an Atheist, p. 9 


Brian said...

Do you know about the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale? They've put ALL of Edwards's writings online for free - complete and searchable (by text, word, etc).

Just making sure you know!

John said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the reminder. I heard that they were going to do that, but haven't made my way over there to play around.