Friday, May 7, 2010

To Justin & Kathryn

Hey Justin & Kate,

Now that you all are parents, you have to get into the parenting mode.  Important decisions have to be made.  Discipline, diapers, &  of course, transportation. 

I know, I know:  Jaycie is small and your vehicle is sufficient for your needs, but you WILL give in one day and buy a mini-van.  It is a humbling day in your life, but it doesn't have to be humiliating.

Here's a little song dedication to help you readjust your self-image to your new role as parents.  Who says you have to be uncool?  

Just remember the "Swagger Wagon."

I can see you & Justin singing the song already.

Peace out,


Dad F. said...

Guess yo momma and yo daddy had the swagger too! How cool was that?

Adam and Andrew said...

I'm dying here, that was awesome. My boys just bought me that exact swagger wagon!!

John said...

@ Dad: Y'all had the swagger before swagger was cool.

@ Lindsey: That is way too cool. I want to see video of you & Kenny singing about yo swagga!