Friday, November 6, 2009

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    Washington Post: Real Unemployment Rate in US is 17.5%: The official U.S. unemployment rate in October rose to 10.2 percent from 9.8 percent in September, the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. But the truer measure of unemployment -- a total count of everyone who should be working full time but is not -- hit 17.5 percent in October, the highest level in modern times.

  • All Crisis, All The Time. The American Addiction to Overreaction. The Weekly Standard says, "We seem to have fallen in love with crises, and the more crises we find the more animated we seem to be. We are immersed in a Crisis of Crises, replete with illogic, a surfeit of emotion, and strings of events vying for crisis status."

  • Do you believe in guardian angels? Randy Alcorn does, and gives some biblical reasons to think so.

  • You'd think that the President would care about this: Abortion kills more black Americans than the seven leading causes of death combined, according to data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 2005, the latest year for which the abortion numbers are available.

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